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How to answer "What is your Greatest Weakness"

  • Posted 05 Apr 2021
  • Richard Holmes
  • Video

This interview question will probably come up every time you attend the first interview. Follow these tips and practice your answer. Before long you will be nailing it.

Sample scripts to use:

"I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I have found it difficult to delegate and trust others when I feel I can do better myself. However, during my current role as Manager, I have learnt that for me to succeed I needed to delegate and trust more. I learnt to set expectations upfront and spent time with my team and taught them what I believe was good. For me personally, this has developed me a lot over the last couple of years and made me a better leader.”

"I’m a direct no-nonsense and honest person and this has worked well for me achieving much over the years. However, I have learnt that my perceived “blunt” style to some can be taken the wrong way. Working closely with my manager and mentor I have learnt to adapt my style and delivery to different people. I have also attended a couple of leadership courses and I’m constantly learning. I think I have improved soo much from a couple of years ago.”

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